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Welcome to the Day 11 of The Belgrave Legacy Blog Series. The series spans from September 20, 2016 to November 1, 2016. Each week, there will be a theme with 2 blog posts (Tuesday and Thursday).

This week’s theme is Secondary Characters in The Belgrave Legacy.

Here are the past posts, in case you missed any of them: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10.

Everyone needs a best friend, right? But since Caleb’s life has been a solitary one based on lies for more than a century and a half, giving him one proved to be a bit of a challenge. Coming up with the perfect idea for Fawn’s best friend, though, was easy as pie (though I don’t understand that expression at all).

I already had God, the Devil, a long line of witches, a male witch (or “warlock”), and a dark angel. I didn’t want Ivy to be human because I knew she’d get caught in the crossfire if she didn’t know anything about the paranormal world. She came into my head named, but figuring out what type of Supernatural she would be was a little bit more tricky. It wasn’t until I settled on her being a confident, sexual person did I decide she should be a siren.

The reason I call her a siren, because mermaid brings up ideas of Ariel, or the jerks who try to drown Wendy in Disney’s Peter Pan. And succubae just seems to scare everyone because it’s too sexual for a woman, so obviously she’s a predator. So, siren it is (and not the super crazy creepy ones from CW’s Supernatural​’s S4E14 “Sex and Violence”).

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