Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa A. Petreshock

Tired of reading stories with weak female main characters who lack purpose and are constantly fawning over her love interest? Look no further!

Cait is the quintessential fictional representation of a strong, yet realistic strong-willed and independent woman. She stands her own against the powerful, supernatural men in the room—no matter how many outnumber her.

The author has not only created a worthy female role model, the guys in Fire of Stars and Dragons are equally admirable for their morals (and good looks)!

Theo Pendragon is a shapeshifting dragon, second in the House of Pendragon (1st of the Goddess Houses). Like his “brother,” Oliver, Theo navigates life by a strict moral code whose #1 rule is to NEVER disrespect a woman (now, as a girl myself, who doesn’t like the idea of chivalry and respect instead of the rude and inappropriate behavior we see every day?). While he does have inner-conflict (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t), Theo remains strong for those he cares for—a rare and precious trait.

Then there’s Dante, son of the Mother Goddess, an eternal demigod with awesome powers (lightning and electricity seem to be his forte). He is Theo’s long-standing friend, an incredible scholar (having forever to live does give one more time to learn interesting topics), loyal friend and would-be lover (if Cait chooses him). He is a perfect gentleman, and his blue eyes are positively dreamy. What’s not to love?

And finally, we have Corrin, the vampire king of what used to be The United States of America. When the story opens, he is a stubborn, slightly-chauvinistic character who—quite frankly—is a jerk. However, the author does not leave the reader with a boring, one-dimensional character. As the story progresses, he displays many different facets of his complex nature which is a treat for any reader.

I absolutely love this book (as you can probably tell). I was one among the special few on Melissa’s beta team (“All-Stars,” as she likes to call us). Fire of Stars and Dragons (FoSaD) is an explosive, page-turning debut that sets the bar high for future NA Fantasy Romance novels.

About the Author
Melissa lives on a small farm in rural Kentucky with her genius husband, exceptional children, and their feline overlords. When not inhaling or exhaling words, she subsists on unnatural doses of coffee, sarcasm, and music. To date, no dragons have been found in the woods surrounding her house, but she continues to hold out hope.

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