Teen Tuesday Kick-Off

2014 has been a huge year for me. 11th grade got serious when we started talking about the college application process, homework seemed to multiply in quantity and difficulty, and I became Melissa’s Personal PR Assistant. Exhausting, but very satisfying. I’ve just returned from an equally busy Spring Break: I was in New Orleans on a Habitat for Humanity trip, visited 5 colleges (of which I only liked 2), and organized Melissa’s new and improved blog schedule. No biggie. I may need another break just to recuperate from this one, but I don’t see that happening in the near future. The good news is, in addition to all that, I’ve been writing the sequel to my debut novel (below). Granted, I’m on the 3rd draft, but it’s finally taking shape! Also, Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for those who don’t know) starts today, so that should definitely keep me on track!

Being a student and author is hard, but with proper time management (with built in time for procrastination, because let’s face it, not only am I a teen but social networking is also a giant black hole), I manage and juggle all my work. I always have a list going of things I need to do—in my backpack, on my phone, on my desk, etc. It helps keep me organized and things in perspective.

For anyone with school work, a day job, or some other responsibility that takes away from your writing time, here’s my advice: Do those tasks first, then reward yourself with writing time. It’s a great motivator on both ends and keeps you as productive as a well-oiled machine.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Go and support Melissa A. Petreshock and preorder her NA Fantasy Romance novel, Fire of Stars and Dragons.

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