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Fire of Stars and Dragons is here! *fangirl flail* It’s finally here! And I happen to have control of the Dragon Blog on release day. No pressure. To celebrate, I’m doing a FOSAD Coke or Pepsi game, and a guest post on why Caitriona Hayden is a kick-ass heroine and great female role model. Both will be posted on Melissa’s blog, and below.

Coke or Pepsi

Eternal Love or Immortal Romance
Past or Future
Personal Assistant or Lawyer
Vampire or Demigod
Oliver or Corrin
Blue Oyster Cult or Pink Floyd
Fae or Elf (not even a question in FOSAD)
Waltz or Tango
Claaron or Jai (I love both!)
Pendragon or Graywyne
Dine In or Dine Out
Bastille or Imagine Dragons (full FOSAD playlist)
Fire or Lightning
Taylor Kitsch or James McAvoy
Dragons or Stars

I am an avid reader. I can finish a book in 3 hours, maybe a little less if it’s fantastic (like Fire of Stars and Dragons). And while I love all the teen and NA books I’ve read (romance and otherwise), I always feel like the industry has yet to offer a great, strong female role model (aside from Hermione Granger, who ROCKS).


I loved The Hunger Games, but Katniss Everdeen avoided anything “girly” like it was the plague. THG made it seem like if Katniss really liked the clothes Cinna designed, she wouldn’t be as formidable as she is when armed with her bow and arrow. This isn’t true. Being in touch with one’s femininity doesn’t necessarily negate her strength.

Another example, Tris Prior from Divergent. Yes, she’s an ordinary girl, but with the help of her dark, mysterious, and handsome male trainer, Four, she quickly rises to become a powerful player in her dystopian world. But without him, she’d probably have ended up dead. I’m not saying she isn’t strong, but the way the story is framed, she needs a man to unlock her full potential.


Bliss Edwards from the ever-popular Losing It by Cora Carmack is awkward and shy—more so when in the presence of her hot teacher/love interest, Garrick. I’m not saying everyone needs to have everything figured out by college, but like Tris, Bliss seems dependent on her mentor/love interest.

Abby from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire knows Travis is a bad influence but continues to pursue a relationship with him. It’s more than a simple attraction to the “bad boy” persona. It’s an active decision and sets a bad precedent (though I still found it an entertaining read).

Caitriona Hayden: Kick-Ass Heroine and Female Role Model

Caitriona Hayden is different. She tells readers to take what they know about female heroines and shove it in a corner. Cait redefines strong female heroine by being truly independent (not looking to a man to tell her how to be, besides explain her destiny).

You will learn within the first chapter that Cait is not your usual docile female protagonist. She knows what she wants and has a plan to achieve it. But unlike other female characters, she doesn’t go to the extreme of being super masculine or asexual (because honestly where would that leave this steamy romance?).

Cait doesn’t cower in the presence of the 3 powerful, supernatural men courting her. When something or someone displeases her, she makes it known. She is educated, classy, assertive, and takes her life in her own hands. It’s because of these qualities that Ms. Hayden is a worthy literary female role model. She’s by no means without some personal flaws, but her proactive attitude sets a great example.

And that is why I love Cait and Fire of Stars and Dragons!

If you didn’t already preorder Fire of Stars and Dragons, buy it now!

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