My Writing Process

1) What are you working on?
Tears of an Angel, the 2nd book in The Belgrave Legacy and sequel to The Belgrave Daughter. It’s going much slower than I anticipated, but I think that’s largely due to the fact that I’m a high school junior in the middle of the college application process. I’m finally done with the 3rd rewrite and can start the normal editing process. Hopefully, when my schedule clears up, I’ll be able to crank this baby out and publish it by Spring 2015.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?
Well, for one, there isn’t a love triangle. Second, the main character doesn’t have an absentee parent and oblivious family. And third, it’s written by a teen (but that has nothing to do with the book itself).

4) How does your writing process work?
I normally have a dream (cheesy, I know) of a scene or I hear some dialogue (when I’m in the shower or doing homework). From there, the idea sparks, I write the scene that I entered on (not always the first scene of the book), go back and do a bare-bones outline, then I pants my way through it (or just write to fill in the gaps for you non-author people).

And there you have it! Check out fellow GTW member, Maddie Jay‘s, answers later.

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