Inspiration for Unmoored

Unmoored is Ivy and Alec’s love story, extending before and beyond the events of The Belgrave Legacy. See the journey that was simmering in the background of the first book, but was cut when three separate books about Fawn and Caleb were condensed into one.

But a siren as outspoken as Ivy and a witch as hot-headed as Alec weren’t going to stay in the shadows for long. Even as I was finishing Book 1, they were talking in my head, impatiently waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

In exactly 5 days, their story will be public for everyone to read, and I can’t be even more excited.



$9.99eBook: $2.99
Series: The Belgrave Legacy, Book 2
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Tags: magic, young adult

Alec Belgrave is overwhelmed. He's busy protecting his sister Fawn from the forces of Hell while also attending college in a different state. The last thing he expected was to learn their shared best friend was his soulmate.

As a siren, Ivy Moore knows a lot about attraction. But having Supernatural beauty is useless if her own soulmate doesn't see her as anything more than a sisterly best friend. Is it so unreasonable to want her soulmate to want her without fate pulling the strings?

They may be soulmates, but that doesn't mean love will come easily.

Unmoored is a young adult paranormal romance featuring magic and sirens. It is a spin-off of The Belgrave Legacy, but should be read as a sequel.

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