The Belgrave Legacy

The Belgrave Legacy

A Reluctant Heroine. A Snarky Angel. A Big Mess.

Fawn doesn't believe in magic. But it is very real, and has made her a vulnerable target.

Caleb is sick of Hell. When the Devil offers him a way out, he immediately says yes.

Can this young witch trust the dark angel assigned to romance and seduce her? Or will his betrayal tear them apart forever?

The Belgrave Legacy is an upper-young adult paranormal romance. Filled with magic, witches, angels, and demons, this story will keep you turning the pages until the very end. Buy the book now, and discover a world hiding in our own.

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About the Book

A Reluctant Heroine. A Snarky Angel. A Big Mess.

16-year-old Fawn Belgrave never believed the stories her mother said about their family’s magical lineage. But when she and her twin brother receive powers on their birthday, she starts to realize everything she has heard about the paranormal world is true.

The Septemgeminus Prophecy states: “A powerful sorceress with blood laced in gold sevenfold shall determine the fate of the world.” As the foretold Savior, Fawn finds herself stuck between the two most powerful deities in the world, with her magical powers as the coveted prize in a bet between God and the Devil. When she meets Caleb, the dark angel assigned to romance and seduce her, Fawn’s life is turned upside down.

Caleb is sick of Hell. After being stuck in Lucifer’s service for the past 200 years after making a deal with the Devil, he leaps at the first chance of freedom. The price? Ensuring Lucifer’s victory by leading Fawn into darkness. But when what was supposed to be a simple assignment very quickly becomes complicated by some very real feelings, Caleb is forced to decide whether he wants to hold on to his past, or fight for his new future.

With him by her side, for better or worse, Fawn must navigate a dangerous world of love, lies, and sacrifice. Can she accept her destiny as the world’s savior before it’s too late?

The Belgrave Legacy is an upper-young adult paranormal romance novel with a feminist twist. Filled with magic, witches, angels, demons, Zara Hoffman’s “coming of age” story will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

Series: The Belgrave Legacy, Book 1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Tags: magic, young adult
Publisher: ZH Press
Publication Year: 2017
Format: paperback, eBook, audiobook
Length: novel
Narrator: Hannah Blaire
ASIN: B077B7G4D5
ISBN: 9780986427916

List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 2.99
Audiobook Price: 17.99
Zara Hoffman does an excellent job of showcasing that people aren't fully good or bad through the alternating perspectives of Fawn and Caleb. Fawn has the potential to be both the savior and destroyer of the world, but she has the free will to decide what to choose. Hoffman's writing is strong, creating a distinct voice for Caleb and Fawn, while finding a balance to the magical elements. Fawn is the standard savior of the story, but the other heroes of the story are the ones that are unsuspecting or the most flawed: the Siren, her underrepresented twin, and the dark angel. The Belgrave Legacy is a story of forgiveness, love, mistakes, and redemption.
The characters and storyline are well portrayed ... All in all it's a beautiful story which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and would recommend to those who like Young Adult Paranormal Romance.
I liked the premise of this book this was a quick read and i couldn't put my kindle down while reading this. This is the first book that i have read from Zara and i loved her writing style.
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About the Author
Zara Hoffman

Zara Hoffman is an alumna of the NYU Masters in Publishing Program, co-creator of the Write-Ish podcast, and founder of Inimitable Books, LLC, a startup publishing company dedicated to uplifting marginalized authors without forcing them to spotlight their trauma.

Zara has been writing since fae was eight years old. Fae's books are for young adults or the young at heart. After all, growing up is overrated.

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