Short Story Collection

Short Story Collection

3 witches. 3 stories.

Meet the original Belgrave matriarch and see her do all she can to protect her family in "Evelyn's Enchantment."

Meet Fawn and Alec's grandmother as she makes a difficult decision to give up the love her life to save her unborn daughter in "Cassandra's Choice."

Meet Stella Belgrave, Fawn and Alec's mom, and learn about her own love story in "Stella's Soulmate."

The Short Story Collection has three young adult paranormal short stories featuring magic and three powerful Belgrave witches before Fawn was called on to fulfill her destiny. These stories can be read as prequels, but are not necessary to understand the plot of The Belgrave Legacy.

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About the Book

I would have been remiss in never sharing some insight into the three women who impacted Fawn most. Evelyn Belgrave, the original witch in their family (who appears in The Belgrave Legacy); Cassandra Belgrave, Fawn’s maternal grandmother; and of course, Stella Belgrave, Fawn’s mother.

Although each story is very short (about the size of one chapter in the novels), I hope these little stories provide you with enough introduction to these wonderful and powerful women in Fawn and Alec’s family.

Series: The Belgrave Legacy, Book 0.5
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Tags: magic, young adult
Publisher: ZH Press
Format: eBook
Length: short story
ISBN: 9780999198612
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About the Author
Zara Hoffman

Zara Hoffman is an alumna of the NYU Masters in Publishing Program, co-creator of the Write-Ish podcast, and founder of Inimitable Books, LLC, a startup publishing company dedicated to uplifting marginalized authors without forcing them to spotlight their trauma.

Zara has been writing since fae was eight years old. Fae's books are for young adults or the young at heart. After all, growing up is overrated.

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