Taming the Alpha

Taming the Alpha

Can two Alphas fall in love?

If Dylan Stone can't find his mate soon, he'll have to forfeit becoming Alpha of the Morsure Pack. Then he meets her, and she doesn't want their relationship to be public.

Alpha Zelda Makris is looking for a home for her Pack. Then she meets Dylan, but the home he's offering is temporary at best unless they announce their status as Mates—costing her the title of Alpha.

They can help each other. There's just one problem—the two Alphas can barely stand each other. Worse than that, fate seems to be decidedly against them having a happily ever after.

Taming the Alpha is a young adult werewolf romance. It is a spin-off novel of The Belgrave Legacy and can be read as a sequel or stand-alone.

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About the Book

When I decided to turn The Belgrave Legacy into one book, I was very sad to see the secondary love story of Alec and Ivy disappear. It turned into Unmoored, and then I was left with the desire to explore Dylan’s story, too. However, unlike Alec and Ivy’s story, it does not overlap in timeline with Fawn’s story at all. It does have some scenes from a different perspective from Unmoored‘s epilogue, but for the most part, it is a completely independent story from the first two, which is why it can be read as a either a sequel or a stand-alone spin-off novel.

Then the task became figuring out who Dylan’s Mate would be. Their relationships are as informed as the sirens’ in Unmoored, but unlike the other stories in the series, werewolves are very protective over their significant others. After writing two stories with dissimilar individuals in each romantic couple, I wondered what it would be like to have two who share a lot in common. And then the idea of her being a female Alpha popped into my head. And then it all started coming together.

Series: The Belgrave Legacy, Book 3
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Tags: magic, young adult
Publisher: ZH Press
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: novel
ASIN: B08679Y4SJ
ISBN: 9780989629485
eBook Price: 2.99
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About the Author
Zara Hoffman

Zara Hoffman is an alumna of the NYU Masters in Publishing Program, co-creator of the Write-Ish podcast, and founder of Inimitable Books, LLC, a startup publishing company dedicated to uplifting marginalized authors without forcing them to spotlight their trauma.

Zara has been writing since fae was eight years old. Fae's books are for young adults or the young at heart. After all, growing up is overrated.

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