April CampNaNo2020 Day 1 Recap

Even though I didn’t get back to working on my outline of Obscure Origin (the first book of a New Adult SciFi romance trilogy) until 7pm during another writing livestream, I outlined a full 6 chapters! Part of this was also done during a private Skype with my writer friend, Jessi Elliott, but that was also peppered with a lot of fangirling over each other’s books and talking about other books—surprising absolutely no one.

Because I’m still outlining and technically not writing my novel yet, I didn’t update my Camp NaNo progress. You can see my outline progress below:

Obscure Origin
Due:4 weeks

If you’re a writer, did you get anything done yesterday? Did you meet a goal, surpass it or fall under? Any answer is okay. Comment down below!

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