Dealing with Bad Reviews

It’s bound to happen some time. Receiving bad reviews are part of being a published author. Even before a book goes out into the public, harsh criticism is probably met during the drafting stages. The important (and sometimes the hard part)  is taking it in stride, not letting it discourage you too much, and definitely not responding badly through defensive statements and explaining why everything said in the review is wrong.

That comes off as childish and unprofessional. No author wants to be viewed as such, I know I don’t, so I will simply continue to promote my book, hope for more positive reviews than bad ones, and keep writing.

If you’re a published author, do you have a way to blow off steam or other unsavory emotions after you read a bad review of your book? If you’re not yet published, but have received similar negative feedback on a WIP (work in progress), what do you do to cope?

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