Health Update

As some of you know, I fractured a bone in my foot yesterday, the eve of my being a published author for a whole month! See the tweet below announcing the unfortunate event, and attempting to use pity to get more purchases (it worked for at least one person, because I checked).

The good news is that while the whole crutches, and now boot (new addition as of today), is a pain in—well, everywhere (bad foot, good leg, and arms)—to deal with on a constant basis, I can use this experience  in one of my upcoming books (won’t tell which one, because it would be too big a spoiler).

And, in that one  month of being published, I’ve made 30 sales on my debut novel and $74.27 in royalties. Want to make me happy? Buy a copy now. Already have one? Why not get a copy for a friend?

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