July CampNaNo2020 Day 1 Recap

Yesterday was a huge day. There were so many write-ins (I went to a total of 13 hours—though there was a lot of time I wasn’t writing because I was walking my dog or editing video). Which brings me to the next thing: it was my first time doing a vlog (and having to put it up by the end of the day).

Even with all that, I wrote over 1k in my new novel, Free Falling, the first in a trilogy of New Adult contemporary romances centering around an anonymous chatting app.

Today is a lot more chill because there are fewer livestreams happening but I still want to do as much writing as I can (stay on track for Free Falling‘s progress and make up for not doing any writing in Obscure Origin—I learned yesterday that I can assign multiple projects to the same NaNo event so I adjusted my goal to accommodate working on both projects this month.

Free Falling:

I Killed Anna Walsh
Past Lives Inc.
Kingpin Killers
Due:1 year ago

Also, be sure to check out yesterday’s vlog.

For future reference, this month’s vlogs will be going up the day of and these blog post recaps will be posted the day after because doing it all for the day of was too much work for me on top of writing 2 novels.

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