After a rather pitiful week of writing, I have come back to Obscure Origin with a passion. Instead of being paralyzed by the countdown to Camp NaNo, I seem to have gotten my second wind on this project, and now I’ve been on a roll (as you can see from my latest Instagram posts):

I also need to point out that I’ve never written more than 1k two days in a row (which I did—the second day is when I passed 50k). I’ve made it through revising the first 10 chapters of Obscure Origin, and my progress is going pretty well. I’m also keeping an eye on the calendar because July 1st starts another Camp NaNo and I’m hoping to start the sequel then. But I guess we’ll see.

I’m also very excited to say that a writer friend of mine workshopped the first page on her podcast:

016 Sunflowers Ink and Sage

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  1. 016 Sunflowers
  2. 015 Knights of the Wraithmaker
  3. 014 The Human Instinct
  4. 013 Untitled & Snow Raven and the Seven Oracles
  5. 012 Obscure Origins (Stellar Blood 1)

Lastly, Obscure Origin is being featured with a lot of other SciFi and Fantasy novels associated with a giveaway for a Kindle Oasis, so don’t forget to enter!

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