April CampNaNo2020 Day 23 Recap

Thanks to Jessi Elliott’s much-needed writing livestream, I was able to write just under 1100 words in Obscure Origin yesterday. Actually, the majority of my words happened after the livestream ended because I was distracted and there was a lot of chatting and less sprinting than normal, which was fine.

I Killed Anna Walsh
Past Lives Inc.
Kingpin Killers
Due:10 months ago

I’m happy to have written more than my daily production in the past few days, I only just regained my 2-day lead (losing my 3-day lead in the course of 3 days of very low writing productivity. I hate to say I called it, but I totally did because I know that my productivity always takes a dip after any highs. But I didn’t expect to have so many low productivity days in a row.

But it makes sense why because my school final projects are due in 1-2 weeks so the crunch is getting tighter and tighter, meaning I can’t easily divide my days between school and writing on any given day, or even alternate days. I’m doing my best, though.

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