April CampNaNo2020 Day 18 Recap

I wrote over 1.6k words in Obscure Origin yesterday thanks to 4 different streams that were a “10k Relay” writing stream hosted by 4 different authortubers. If you are someone who likes to watch replays, you can catch Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. I was only partially there for the first and last one, but over the course of the day I wrote 2,911 words. I had hoped to reach 3,000 but I got a little stuck on the story since I went off the outline the day before and am now kind of just going where the story takes me (I still have an end and certain things that need to happen, but I’m letting the characters fill out the story).

Obscure Origin

And because I wrote so much, I actually finished with a 4-day lead on Camp NaNo, so if I keep writing every day, I might reach my 30k goal early and perhaps even surpass it.

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