April CampNaNo2020 Day 6 Recap

I barely did any work on Obscure Origin yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well and kind of just put all my energy towards completing homework (and so it begins, as it does every April). I’m hoping to get a lot more done today (Day 7) because I have a more open schedule, but we’ll see.

I only wrote a measly 371 words but I did finish the first scene of Chapter 5. In my 4 days of writing for Camp NaNo (I started drafting on Day 3), I have written over 1k, then ~300, then over 2k, and now back to the 300’s. Maybe it’s a pattern. As long as I’m writing every day, I feel okay. My goal of 30k is a bit low for other Camp NaNo goals I’ve set in the past, but I’m setting a lower bar to acknowledge that I’m in final project season and am taking 5, not even my normal 4, classes.

I Killed Anna Walsh
Past Lives Inc.
Kingpin Killers
Due:10 months ago

Are you noticing any writing patterns for your own Camp NaNo?

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