The Baron’s Betrayal by Callie Hutton

The Baron’s BetrayalMarriage Mart Mayhem, 4Callie HuttonHistorical RomanceEntangled Publishing, LLCJanuary 12, 2015eBook249

It’s been two years since Lady Marion Tunstall lost her husband at sea. Two years of sorrow and grief. Only now has the young, comely widow finally re-entered society. It isn’t until she and her family attend the merriment of a country dance that Lady Marion sees her dead husband, alive and well… and faints dead away. 

Lord Tristan Tunstall has no choice but to confess—he is alive, yes, but not a whole man who can be a husband and father. When he offers her a divorce, however, Marion stubbornly refuses. Now she has forced herself back into his life, and into his home and (oh, God forgive his weakness) his bed. He cannot stop himself from wanting her. Loving her. But can he live with the secret she is keeping from him?

I enjoyed this story a lot. Both Marion and Tristan (I just love those names) were great characters. Their desires and positions were made very clear, were empathetic, and clearly loved the other very much. They make a lovely couple, and I’m so glad they are reunited.

To me, the conflict of Tristan’s blindness being grounds for annulment (according to Tristan) is kind of nuts—even Marion thinks so, so that prevents this book from having 5 stars. Tristan is pretty crabby about this and I wanted to shake him a few times, but while I genuinely think his proposal was ludacris, I did understand his feelings of inadequacy. Thankfully, Marion doesn’t let him go and they end up together (despite a long and bumpy ride).

Another thing I will say, I don’t know if I’d say that he betrayed Marion by letting her think him dead. Deceived, definitely. But not necessarily betrayed. Misnomer aside, I did enjoy this book thoroughly.

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