The Lady’s Disgrace by Callie Hutton

The Lady’s DisgraceMarriage Mart Mayhem, 3Callie HuttonHistorical RomanceEntangled Publishing, LLCSeptember 8, 2014Kindle274

A lady is nothing without her reputation. Jilted and humiliated by her once-betrothed, Lady Abigail Lacey is the laughingstock of London. Worse still, the humiliation is now reflecting badly on her family. Now her brother, the Duke of Manchester, is desperate… until he finds a way to rescue his sister’s damaged reputation, and remove her from the glare of disapproving society.

He must marry her off. Quickly.

When Rector Joseph Fox drops by the Lacey household, he certainly didn’t expect to leave as a man engaged to a long-time family friend! Yet while he never could have aspired to have her, Lady Abigail always ignited a forbidden longing in him. But Abigail has one condition—their marriage is to be void of passion or physical pleasures. Faced with a platonic marriage of convenience, Joseph is determined to embark on a sensuous adventure with only one goal: to seduce his new wife…

I really liked this story. Lady Abigail was sweet, and was surprisingly steely when she needs to be. She is no pushover, which is what I had been really worried about given how everyone kept talking about how sweet she is.

I can’t really say how much I liked Joseph Fox. He’s also a sweet guy and is comically surprised when Drake asks him to marry Abigail, who he’s always been attracted to.

The main danger in the story comes from an awful, crazy woman from Joseph’s town who is determined to murder Abigail so she can become Joseph’s wife (which she had been planning to become even before he got married to Abigail). Let’s just say… This got old very quickly. It’s kind of nuts that neither Abigail nor Joseph, who are both intelligent people, didn’t figure out something was wrong sooner.

But… at least everything works out and they’re happy. So, I can’t complain too much.

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