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So, I’ve been working with Jennifer Munswami of JM Rising Horse Creations a lot in the past few days. She did fanart of Caleb (see the post below) and now she’s done another amazing thing. She’s given me the most perfect book cover for my upcoming dystopian romance novel that took over my brain by storm unexpectedly this past Thanksgiving. I’m talking about The Matchmakers.

I just started writing it, but if you’re interested in being a Beta Reader, you can sign up now.

Want to know more before you make the commitment? Read the description below.

The Matchmakers

The Matchmakers

Rosemary is only seventeen years old. So why is she being Matched a year early—to the President’s son?

When her sister is tied to a terrorist attack, Rosemary must discover her society's secrets—and consider that maybe the Matchmakers were wrong.

Is it possible to find love in a society controlled by logic and science?

The Matchmakers is a young adult dystopian romance novel. Zara Hoffman's immersive world, three-dimensional characters, and political intrigue will keep you hooked from the very first page. Get ready to meet your Match.

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