Glowing Responses to Glowing Embers

2015 has just started. Okay, that was yesterday, but close enough. The point is, barely 24 hours after making a vow to focus on my writing this year, I had a burst of inspiration to continue writing the first book in the Fearful Fairytales series, Glowing Embers.

My new team of beta readers have been really into this story, and that just warms my somewhat insecure author heart. Basically, it’s the best thing an author can have—besides actual good reviews and sales. Below are some of the comments by my zealous alphas.

Obviously, I can’t say what those are necessarily referring to, but if you read what I’ve posted on Wattpad, you may be able to figure it out. I’m actually taking a break from this to go back and fix the 2nd book in The Belgrave LegacyTears of an Angel, now that my editor has started working on it.

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