From the Author Cave

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Mark Twain

While the above quote is true, last week, I had such a bad migraine (that still hasn’t gone away), that I was unable to do anything and may as well have been 6 feet under. I am starting to get better (not really, but I’m back in school now) and am trying not to be crushed by the amount of homework, college applications, and internship responsibilities all while trying to stick with the Go Teen Writers 4th 100 for 100 challenge.

Anyway, an update on Book 2: After finishing the 7th draft (5 rewrites and 2 revisions) I handed Tears of an Angel off to my editor and am still waiting to work more on that. In the meantime, I have started working on Book 3: The Witch’s War (book 3 in The Belgrave Legacy).

While I was stuck in my many headache and medicine-induced rests, I kept dreaming scenes for some of my Fearful Fairytales novels but was unable to write most of them down because focusing on anything for more than 5 seconds hurt.

So, that sounds like a lot of bad news, right?

Well, it is. Kind of. All that time bedridden gave my imagination free reign and once I have lots of time to write after college applications are done, I’ll be on fire and will hopefully be more productive than I have been in the past few months.

That’s it for now. Will check in soon. While you’re waiting, check out the My Novels page and see what my crazy brain is cooking up.

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