The Marriage Merger by Jennifer Probst

This was by far my most favorite book in this series.

Maybe it’s because I identify with Julietta more than any of the previous female protagonists. I love them all, but Julietta’s all work no play was much easier for me to understand than needing to save my home or feeling overshadowed by siblings. She’s strong independent, has fought sexism, has learned not to ask for help, and struggles with asking for help even when she needs it .

Sawyer is an alpha male if there ever was one. Maybe even more so than the other guys in this series so far. But he also has his fair share of demons in his past. Demons that come back to haunt him, and are reflected in his assistant Wolfe, who is his own awesome in his own right—he’s the only one who earns Dante the cat’s respect besides Maggie.

Together, they match each other toe to toe and challenge each other to no end. They make each other grow and are the perfect person for the other.

The plot is interesting and the characters are great.

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