Writing New Adult

Thanks to New Adult (NA): What It Is and How to Sell It, I have officially decided to make The Belgrave Legacy an Upper Young Adult/New Adult trilogy… which means I have to rewrite the beginning, now too (instead of just the middle). Oh well. But the good news? I can keep a lot more of the edgy scenes from the first draft that I would’ve had to cut due to YA conventions and regulations… so yay!

For those who don’t know what New Adult is, it’s a new “genre” (although, I think of it more as an audience group) that features protagonists aged 18-21 (some say 19-25) and are dealing with college and other Big Firsts like first true love (if it didn’t happen in high school), first job, etc. The characters are adjusting to more adult responsibilities and learning their place in the world.

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