Coauthoring vs Solo Writing

So you’ve decided to write a novel. That’s great! Congratulations on committing yourself to a wonderful adventure. The question is for most writers is what do you want to write? Fiction or nonfiction? If fiction, what genre, etc. But some authors think bigger picture first: Do you want to go it alone or do you team up with a co-author?

I’m done both. And while you shouldn’t take my opinion as law, but keep these considerations in mind while making about your decision.

PROS of SOLO-writing

  • It’s your own timeline
  • It’s 100% your story
  • You are in control

CONS of SOLO-writing

  • You have to do everything alone (which can get lonely)
  • It’s only your fault if something go well

PROS of CO-writing

  • You share the work
  • You have a buddy
  • You split the cost

CONS of CO-writing

  • Compromise is a given
  • Scheduling is hell
  • Danger of uneven distribution of work

I personally like solo-writing more. Partially because I like getting stuff done as efficiently and quickly as possible and my co-author has a very different schedule from me which makes writing together almost impossible. I like the streamlined solo-writing process. Obviously, shouldering all the costs is not ideal, but for total control, for some (like me) it may be worth it.

That’s not to say I’m against it. I think the biggest mistake I made in my co-authoring venture was not creating a solid (or any) agreement with my partner. We just went in on the basis of a mutual interest in our project. And I’ve run into all of the cons of co-authoring and have yet to experience the pros, but that’s just my experience. Learn from my mistakes and maybe you’ll get a different result. 

Comment below on your experiences with one–or both! Agreement and disagreement are both welcome.

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