Facebook Groups are Great for Writers

I’m on Robert Lee Brewer’s Blog!!! For those who don’t know, he’s really famous in the writing world and he asked for guest bloggers, and he just posted my article “Facebook Groups are Great for Writers” last night!

Everyone says the Internet is either a distraction or the best thing to happen in our lifetime. More often than not, I agree with the latter. 

I love Facebook. It allows me to keep in touch with my friends and keep up to date on some of my favorite pages. Most recently, though, I’ve developed a new love for the social network.

Facebook Groups
The Teens Can Write, Too! and Go Teen Writers Facebook groups are friendly communities for writers that offer moral support and fun anecdotes to help motivate me when I’m looking for inspiration. Some people prefer to write alone and share afterwards, and these groups give you that opportunity.

It’s a hangout, not a mandatory club in which you need to contribute a specific amount to get advice or help (as it is with some writing website forums).

As to balancing my time in these groups and actually writing? I generally check in once a day and see if there are any interesting new threads I should be aware of. I try and stay off Facebook other than to wish people happy birthday, see the latest news on my biggest obsessions so I can maximize my writing time.

Word Wars!
Sometimes, there are “Word Wars” where people agree to write as much as they can within a given amount of time and we keep a chat open, it can be very effective and satisfying. I actually have yet to do one, but Go Teen Writers is hosting a similar scenario, but it’s called 100 for 100 in which you sign up and promise to write 100 words for 100 days. Currently we’re about halfway through and I’m over the 50% mark in word count. Forums on writing websites also offer these opportunities, but there’s something I just like about the Facebook Group configuration.

Facebook Groups changed my writing experience and it may change yours too. However you write, there are friendly writer groups all over the internet (I also use Figment.comWattpad.com, and NaNoWriMo.org), so know that you’re not alone!

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