Book Review: A Memory in the Flame by Jessi Elliott & K.J. Sutton

A Memory in the Flame Book Cover
A Memory in the Flame Charlie Travesty, 3 Adult Paranormal Fantasy Kindle

An offer too good to refuse. A love doomed from the start. An uprising in the making.

Charlie Travesty has been banished. Again.

While still working in the sewer and tracking down clues linked to the weeper attacks, Charlie struggles to keep her wits about her. Especially when her relationship with Drew keeps complicating everything.

Amidst so much turmoil and unanswered questions, only one thing is certain… Charlie Travesty’s Awakening was just the beginning.

For fans of Sarah J. Maas’s Crescent City trilogy and Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, A Memory in the Flame is the third volume in the Charlie Travesty serial.

My Review

I know for a fact that A Memory in the Flame is one of the author’s favorite of the volumes so far, and I totally agree. My favorite side character from A Whisper in the Dark has officially been promoted to being a main character (no longer tertiary like in first or secondary like in the previous book), and some things I’ve been hoping would happen finally did. The character interactions fleshed out the story around the mysteries—yep, plural—Charlie is investigating. I can’t say more without giving spoilers.

There is definitely at least 1 twist I didn’t see coming (which is rare, and always enjoyable as a reader), and I am very impatient for Charlie to get deeper into her investigations (with a certain vampire at her side).

That being said, I think for the first time ever, the cliffhanger for this book didn’t immediately launch me into the final volume (for now) of the Charlie Travesty serial: A Sacrifice in the Smoke (Goodreads | Amazon), but I’m still very excited for it.

Caveat aside, I still give it 5 bloody stars.

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