Dragon Fire Academy: Second Term by Rachel Jonas

Second Term Book Cover
Second Term Dragon Fire Academy, 2 NA RH romance

The good news: my four guardians are more than just a brood of cocky dragons. I was drawn to this island to find them … my mates.

The sucky news: an ancient evil has marked me as its vessel, but I suppose one girl can’t have all the luck, right?

I was warned that second term would be a challenge, but nothing could have prepared me for this. As if things aren’t already hard enough, one innocent slipup threatens to cost me big time.

Every day, it gets harder to tell friend from foe. Especially with more than one enemy who wants to make sure I lose everything.

Thing is, no one has any idea how fiercely I’m willing to fight. I guess they’ll learn the hard way that I’m no pushover.

Giving up simply isn’t in my blood.


Note: Dragon Fire Academy is an upper YA/NA reverse harem romance. This series will take you on a brand-new journey with a descendant of the beloved Seaton Falls shifters, featured in The Lost Royals Saga. So, keep an eye out for cameos from some of your favorite characters! New readers, rest assured; it’s completely unnecessary to read the previous five-book series before embarking on this fresh chapter, set in a world filled with fierce wolves, hotheaded dragons, and powerful witches you don’t want to cross.

This is a continuous series, so you must read First Term before this book. Read my review for First Term.

Ever since I met Noelle and her Omega hive dragon-shifter protectors in First Term, I immediately wanted to know what would happen next. If I had thought the start of this series was wild, everything in Second Term blew it out of the water. Noelle is still the independent and feisty mainland princess who dares anyone to call her a freak for being part dragon, werewolf, and witch. But in this book, people’s fear of her is a little more justified. Not that it’s her fault that bad things keep happening.

Without giving spoilers (because those suck), her relationships with Ori, Paulo, Rayen, and Kai mature as she grows closer to each of them and as a group. But things go awry when protocol is broken and the price is heavier than anyone imagined.

Her friends from the Dragon Fire Academy prove they have her back and offer great levity to the growing seriousness of the situation. And a former enemy is offering to help—but can they be trusted?

With the Darkness intent on taking over Noelle, it was conflicting to see her be all badass (but while using dark magic—pushing her farther away from the light Spirit and towards evil). The final chapters, in particular, were amazing to read, and I already want the final book, Third Term, so I can find out how this wild ride ends.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes NA PNR and I would tell people wary of the RH label to still give it a try.

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