Learning InDesign

As you can see from the title of this blog post, I have finally learned how to use InDesign. If you’re wondering what finally made me bite the bullet, I’ll tell you: the new Word update didn’t read the main fonts I was using to format The Belgrave LegacyUnmoored, and all my other books. So, rather than having to outsource all my book formatting in the future, I finally learned InDesign (with the help of this amazing Skillshare course).

And in order for there to be consistency for the whole series, I also had to reformat The Belgrave Legacy (although I have yet to publish this because my cover artist has gotten so booked—which is amazing for her, but a bit tough for me). I learned it in the past 2 days and am now finally getting back to revising  Unmoored. And I’m super proud that I learned how to do it quickly and am now able to continue format all my own books.

What’s a skill you’ve been wanting to learn? Comment below!

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