You may remember me talking about how I was finally getting back to writing, but how in the process I was making more than a few mistakes that would need some serious fixing in the future. Well, my mom had a bad accident and that completely upended our lives starting Wednesday and it wasn’t until two days ago that we reached our new, temporary “normal.” This is all to say that my writing more of The Matchmakers came to a grinding halt. It took too much brain power that I didn’t have at the time. But I did start cutting things out, which is why the word count went from 36,376 to 34,156.

Not only did the word count decrease, but chapters got condensed. I was in the middle of writing Chapter 17, but after all the edits I made, it is now Chapter 14—something that will probably change again since I know I need to go back and insert something important in a previous chapter.

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