One Last Note on 13 Reasons Why

Another article has surfaced, joining the hateful trend, which states all people with mental illness should hate 13 Reasons Why. To be blunt: Despite the article’s subtitle making a completely valid point, I’m more offended by the article than by what the article is saying should be offensive about the show.

It talks about how there are no signs of Hannah’s depression, but there obviously would be… to which I say: she appears in flashbacks and obviously didn’t exhibit any outward signs or her parents would have noticed something and not say “was she really such a mystery to us?” Secondly, when you see the flashbacks knowing she committed suicide, there are moments, small gestures (e.g. a freezing, a glance away, etc) where you can see how she’s getting pushed further or feel more isolated—so there are signs).

And lastly, mental health issues represent uniquely in everyone, so to make a blanket statement that the show uniformly insults an entire demographic is clickbait and untrue—because as someone with depression, I am part of that demographic, and yet, I happen to love the show (even with its flaws which I am fine with discussing with people who understand the point of the show is the fallout ​of Hannah’s actions, not her emotional or mental health state that led to them).

Do you agree or disagree? Sound off below.

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