His Alone by Alexa Riley

His AloneFor Her, 2Alexa RileyContemporary RomanceCarina PressMarch 28, 2017Paperback297

Ryan Justice may be her boss, but nothing will stop him from making her his. USA TODAY and #1 ebook bestselling author Alexa Riley entices with a brand-new, full-length novel.

She thinks I’m perfect. A good boss, a good man. She thinks that I play by the rules.

She has no idea who I truly am. Why I’m really here.

Paige Turner is trying to outrun her past, but there it is, tossed back in her face anytime she manages to get two steps ahead.

She has no idea what a man like me will do to get what he wants.

Her need for Ryan got in the way of revenge, took her off course. Redirected her focus. Before she knew it, he’d made his way into her life. Into her heart.

I’m dirtier than she knows. She thinks I’m good to the core, but she doesn’t know the things I’ve done. The things I would do for her.

True love doesn’t let secrets as big as these stay buried. And when the truth about Paige’s father is finally exposed, Ryan will do anything to fix everything. Paige has always been his and his alone.

As you may recall, I did not really enjoy the first book in the For Her series, Everything For Her, because the stalker level was through the roof (it made Christian Grey’s antics look tame). And the only reason I even pre-ordered His Alone was because of the very enticing preview at the end of book 1.

Thankfully, this story was much better. Although the obsessiveness and stalker behavior was still present, it was much less intrusive to the story. It was more in the background rather than the glaring driving force for everything. Paige even remarks on multiple accounts about how similar Ryan (nicknamed “Captain America” by Mallory in Everything For Her) is to her half-brother Miles (“Oz”):

“Are you sure Captain and Oz aren’t related? Because they’re definitely both stalkers.”

She also says that “[Captain’s way is] subtle and less controlling, but still possessive.” I think just the fact that she calls attention to this alarming trait made me like her, though… she obviously doesn’t see it as a red flag so I can’t give this story 5 stars. And she is wrong in thinking Ryan isn’t as obsessive/manipulative as her half-brother, but again, it doesn’t come off as bad (though that isn’t a very high bar to surpass).

But, regarding the plot, this story was also much better than its predecessor. Both Paige and Ryan have their own goals, their own secrets, and are well-fletched out characters in their own right—something I felt was generally lacking in book 1. And I really liked how their individuals stories connected beyond just their romance, but that their goals actually meet up in the end.

All in all, it was entertaining and a good story, despite some of the problematic issues. I give it a solid 4 stars.

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