Planned Seduction by Jess Dee

Planned SeductionSeduction, 1Jess DeeContemporary RomanceEntangled Publishing, LLCJanuary 30, 2017eBook224

He has a offer she can’t refuse

Daniel Tanner’s been in love with Amy since they were teenagers, and he’s tired of being seen as the proverbial best friend. If she would only give him a chance to show her how good they could be together, that giving in to the fiery attraction between them won’t burn up and ruin their friendship.

Amy Morgan has had a front row seat to the parade of women coming in and out of Daniel’s life for years, and she’s not interested in risking their friendship for something that would eventually end in heartache. And that’s how it would end, because if Amy’s learned anything in life, it’s that men leave. She couldn’t handle having her heart broken by her best friend, even if the promise of untold passion is keeping her up nights.

But no one knows Amy better than Daniel, and he’s devised a plan to show her they can have it all.

I enjoyed this book, but I had a lot of issues with Amy.

The plot was cute, the secondary characters were cool, and Daniel was awesome. I was kind of surprised that his “planned seduction” didn’t bother me (because a similar thing definitely did in another book I recently read).

​Let me go into it a bit more.

At first, I liked Amy. She was sassy and seemed fun. Her aversion to entering into a relationship with Daniel seemed valid (at first). But she continually ignored her feelings (usual for the genre, but she overdid it to even what I’m used to reading). And then she is so closed off to the idea of being with Daniel that she not only turns him off, but me too (and that’s never a good thing).

Thankfully, I like them together, and that’s really the most important part of any romance story (obviously). Daniel was actually a great guy, despite stacking the cards to get Amy to fall for him by enlisting a lot of people’s help to get the job done.

All in all? This was a fun book, with a few persistent issues, so it earns 3 stars from me.

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