Three Internships

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve clearly lost my mind because for the rest of this month, I will have 3 internships simultaneously. The past 2 you’ve heard about in a previous blog post, but the new one is as an editorial intern for Filles Vertes Publishing, LLC. Side note: “filled vertes” is French for “green girls” which just makes me think of Elphaba from one of my favorite musicals, Wicked. Which I’m so excited about because as good as I’ve gotten at PR thanks to being a PA to Melissa A. Petreshock, and now as a PR intern at Inklings Literary Agency, becoming an editor in a publishing house is my dream job.

My responsibilities at FVP will include reading manuscripts (yay, I get to read fun stories in addition to the no-doubt endless reading I’ll have for HW—I’m not being facetious here, I’m excited that by this being part of a job, I’ll have to make time for reading fiction) and providing feedback. Like I said above, this is my dream job, and to have a go at it so early in life is awesomesauce.

Anyway, as you may guess, 3 internships+4 classes=very little time for writing (The Matchmakers or even blogging on here). As such, I will try to keep this blog updated whenever big things happen, but otherwise, this place will be pretty quiet aside from some already scheduled participation in upcoming blog tours.

The Matchmakers is still stalled at ½ through the first draft, and I’ll be working as much as I can on them, but at this point, the January 27, 2017 publication date is definitely not happening anymore. I’ll update the book page when I have a better estimate of my work load this semester & have time to map out how much writing and editing needs to be done before publication.

Until next time!

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