Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Compromising PositionsInvested In Love, 1Jenna Bayley-BurkeContemporary RomanceSamhainMarch 24, 2009eBook256

Falling in love is the last thing on his busy agenda but compromising positions can lead just about anywhere.

David Strong knows how to do a lot of things run an international fitness company, finesse stock portfolios and stay out of emotional entanglements. That is, until he gets tangled up with Sophie Delfino and her Sensational Sex workout. He s supposed to help her demonstrate Kama Sutra positions for her couples yoga class. The rigorous postures require more than just physical control. And his co-instructor unexpectedly tests his control to the limit.

Sophie s been fantasizing about David since her teens, but she never dreamed she d actually be expected to run through her intimate desires with an audience! The class is very professional, tame even or it would be, if she d been in any of the positions before. But she hasn t except in her wildest fantasies about David. Sophie knows she wants David in every way, and she s flexible enough to use whatever she has to get him.

David can t afford any unexpected distractions. Besides the sensual positions he has to endure without embarrassing himself in public, there s an embezzler stealing from his company. And then there s Sophie who is well on her way to stealing his well-guarded heart.”

I really enjoyed this book. It was short, sweet, and full of sexual tension (which is to be expected when the title is Compromising Positions and about two yoga people teaching a Kama Sutra class).

​I found both characters to be interesting on their own, made only better when paired with the other. Their individual hang ups made sense, weren’t stupid, and (mostly) weren’t perpetuated by the characters refusing to speak to each other.

The side characters were great at revealing other sides of the main characters, and the plot was fun. I kind of hated Craig, Sophie’s brother-in-law and David’s best friend, for always harping on Sophie’s weight (that David gets fed up with this was a positive in my mind).For everything I loved in the story, though, there were a few things I didn’t like. Or, more like 1 thing that popped up a few times: issues between characters that then went unaddressed. The first time was when Sophie heard that her sister referred to their yoga club as hers, even though Sophie owned 70% of it (this does kind of come back later, but given how vocal Sophie is, I’m disappointed she didn’t bring this up with her sister sooner and in a more direct way). The second, major time, is when David thinks that Sophie might have been playing him this whole time. He makes a decision to protect himself, but never asks Sophie. Granted, he’s not as vocal as her about stuff like this, but with something so major, I’d assume he would have wanted to hear her tell her side—but he didn’t, and his doubt is never mentioned again.

​But, for a story that had everything going for it, one flaw isn’t so bad.

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