On My Acceptance to BU

Now that Thanksgiving is over and my mom is coming up soon to help me pack up my room in preparation for my transferring to Boston University. I found out the first day of my Thanksgiving break (earlier than I was expecting) and after freezing for a moment, I immediately opened the email and logged into the application portal to learn I had been accepted! But even as I received multiple congratulations over the holiday, the full impact of the decision hadn’t fully hit me yet.

​It’s hitting now that I have to pack and say goodbye to my friends.In a weird way, I’m kind of grateful for finals. It’s keeping me busy and distracted. It’s also necessary that I do well or they might rescind my acceptance—and that is not going to happen if I have any say about it!

I’ve 2 papers to submit (1 of which I spent all weekend working on and still ​haven’t finished), 2 exams to study for, and 5 case studies to complete before I’m done at Brandeis… wish me luck!

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