Stepping Up to the Plate

Last week alone was filled with so much work that I spent all my free time sleeping so I could maintain enough energy to complete the tasks I needed to do.

​What did those duties entail? Well, it involved mainly 2 things (both of which had a lot of smaller, pressing tasks):

  1. Completing my college transfer application
  2. Being lead costume person on a school play (I don’t say costumer because I didn’t design the costumes—a friend did, and then I was in charge of everything else to do with costumes because they were sick and were unable to be at any of the tech week rehearsals/run-throughs or performances)

​Let me break it down a bit further for you. My college transfer application involved a bunch of things (most of which I had done in advance, but making sure everything got in on time was more than a little tough):

  1. CommonApp essay (why I want to transfer)
  2. college-specific essay (why I want to transfer to Boston University)
  3. High School Transcript (super easy to have this sent off)
  4. Mid-Term Report (difficult to get all my teachers to sign this given their different schedules)
  5. College Syllabi (easy-ish, give or take a few technical mishaps)
  6. Transfer Report (easy for me, but still not sure if Brandeis has sent them yet)
  7. College Transcript (I got confirmation it was sent, but BU hasn’t said they’ve received it yet)

The last 2 are giving me all kinds of anxiety because I don’t want to be rejected just because my application was incomplete (because the third parties were late).

For the play, I basically became the head of the back-stage. I was in charge of the numerous quick-changes for every show, and the makeup for 3 of the 5 shows. This wouldn’t have been that much of a big deal, except I had signed up as an assistant as a favor to the friend, but when that friend essentially went MIA, I had to take charge of a lot of responsibilities I wasn’t expecting.

  1. learn each character’s costume
  2. plan out each costume change
  3. be back stage for the whole show to assist with said costume changes
  4. learn make up
  5. apply said make-up for the last 3 shows
  6. fix multiple costumes multiple times because of new issues that kept popping up
  7. clean up the green room

From what I heard from everyone involved, I did a great job. I definitely feel proud of what I did, but I’m exhausted even as I’m forced to quickly refocus on school work (especially the 2 papers I have due this week and next week).

And, I should address the elephant in the room: I haven’t written a word for NaNoWriMo yet. And yes, it’s an excuse to say it’s because I had all this stuff going on, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I doubt I’ll be able to “win” NaNo this year, but I’m hoping after this week I’ll be able to hunker down and write more of The Matchmakers before I have to start worrying about finals (though knowing Brandeis’ assignment schedule, I know this is 99.99% a pipe dream).

So, that’s the latest update with me.

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