Hitched, Vol 3 by Kendall Ryan

Hitched, Vol 3Imperfect Love, 3Kendall RyanNA Contemporary RomanceKendall Ryan BooksAugust 2, 2016Kindle218

I’ve ruined everything.

I’ve broken the cardinal rule and fallen in love with my fake wife, and then I went and did the worst thing a husband can do.

Winning her back will be nearly impossible, but I’ve never backed down from a challenge before and I’m sure as hell not about to start now. Olivia will be mine, and I can’t wait to put a bun in her oven.

You won’t want to miss the final installment in Noah and Olivia’s love story, and especially the way this over-the-top alpha male wins over his bride once and for all.

This is the third and final volume in the story.

What an end to a rollercoaster story! I was saying trilogy up until now, but it turns out that Olivia and Noah’s story is just the beginning of the Imperfect Love series, which now has at least 2 new additional books centering around Noah and Olivia’s best friends, Sterling and Camryn, called The Fix Up and The Shake Up.

Where the second book got a bit predictable, this one had me guessing at most of the turns. What did get annoyed me about this one, is how long Olivia goes before she forgives Noah. Up until now, she had separated herself from other romance heroines who get so hung up about one thing and then miss the big picture in the process, but here she fell back into the crowd and did that for a bit too long.​To be fair, she does eventually come out of it (still faster than others) and then the story got back into my good graces and stayed there. And I wish I could say that it didn’t bother me enough to lose a star… but I’d be lying.

Everything else was great though. Noah could propose to me any day and I’d say yes. And some not so great people get their just desserts by the end, so that was fun. The end was a bit cheesy, but I didn’t mind that. It’s kind of to be expected in the contemporary, contract-marriage romances.

So, with all that in mind, I give Hitched, Vol 3 a solid 4 stars and hope that we get to catch up with Noah and Olivia a bit more in The Fix Up and The Shake Up​.

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