The Belgrave Legacy’s 3rd Draft

As you can tell from the title, I have finished the latest draft of The Belgrave Legacy by utilizing the comprehensive notes of Jessi Elliott (who is my fabulous Critique Partner who I found online). I finished 4 days earlier than I expected. I am relieved to be ahead of schedule not only because I can pat myself on the back for finishing yet another draft and being one step closer to being ready to publish this novel, but also because I need to write a 5-page story for school and now I won’t have to multi-task.

I don’t want to go into detail over what changed from the last draft to this one, but you may remember when I tweeted the original draft of this story as a single book rather than a trilogy (starting at a measley 31,226 words). And then, without any feedback, I immediately jumped back in to expand and embellish the story to be more engaging and immersive. I ended up with 50,343 words​, but I still knew I needed more work. Which is where Jessi came in and I now end up at the glorious 60,075 words of Draft 3.

I am now looking for another CP to help me revise this story one more time before I submit it to my editor. If you’re interested, comment below with your email.

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