Progress on The Belgrave Legacy

The latest draft is done! I have to say that my last mandatory writing break (due to school work), while frustrating, was well needed. Since I got back to work in the past week, I have flown through the chapters making last-minute edits and revisions and finished today. Plot has changed, chapters cut, combined, and reorganized for a much more cohesive story (which is really the whole point of revising, right?).

And almost immediately after I hit Save, I was lucky enough to find my One True Critique Partner (OTCP) Jessi Elliott on Swoon Reads’ 2016 Critique Partner/Beta Reader match-up post (#BeMyBeta) which is similar to Maggie Stiefvater’s Critique Partner Love Connection post from last year.

School looks like it’s going to be hard on me for the next few weeks, but I do have a weird February break (that no other school seems to have), so maybe I’ll have time to finish implementing Jessi’s editing notes… but probably not. Either way, I’m using all my spare time to work on this project. Though I am going to have even less spare time now that I’m hoping to become a costume assistant for one of the shows on campus (please wish me luck!).

I know you’re not all waiting for The Belgrave Legacy (but I hope many of you are). If you’re not, you’re probably waiting on any of the numerous book ideas (some of which aren’t even listed yet) that I will write after I’m done with this WIP. So, where does this leave youmy readers?

The short answer (regardless of which above category you fall into): Still waiting. Sorry!

I hope this news makes it better: I plan to have this book out on Halloween 2016, but will need many more advance readers starting in late June (more likely early July). So keep an eye out for that request! In the meantime, have fun reading my blog posts and story ideas (and adding them to your Goodreads shelves).

P.S. Sorry for the infrequent blogging. The problem is my school load is usually demanding, with interspersed periods of absolute chaos. A goal for the future (probably starting in March) will be to blog more regularly.

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