Have you noticed that your Book Blog’s Facebook page views are miniscule compared to the number of “LIKES” your page has? Let’s try and improve your page views! We are attempting to make Fridays “Facebook Hop Friday”. If you have a book blog and a facebook page and would like to see more page views on your facebook page AND discover new blogs in the process, Join our #FBHop! This is just like a Blog Hop but instead of linking your blog, link your facebook page! When you get a free 10 minutes on Friday check out some of the other Book Blog’s facebook pages linked up below and give them a like and a comment on one or more of their posts and hopefully they’ll do the same in return! 🙂

Facebook Hop Friday was inspired by Boost It Tuesday! Between these two FB link ups your pages should be seeing all kinds of improved page views! 😉

Please help us get the word out about this by Tweeting or posting it (ha!) to your Facebook. 🙂

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