Into the Woods

Sorry this review is SO late. A lot has been happening in my life, but since Into The Woods is being released on iTunes today, I thought it was about time to post my thoughts on the movie adaptation of my favorite Sondheim musical. You can also get a filmed version of the original Broadway production on iTunes.

You may remember a while back I posted about “evil” characters and how evil isn’t born, but made. Given it was tied to the OUAT finale, I think it’s a good “companion” post of sorts since Into The Woods is an amalgam of multiple fairytales with the new storyline of the baker and his wife. While I would never call The Witch in this musical evil, she definitely does some not so nice things. But, as Meryl Streep sings in “Last Midnight,” she says: “I’m the hitch, I’m what no one believes, I’m the witch!” Basically, she’s the jaded-mostly cynical (but annoyingly realistic) force in life that pushes people to action and makes them deal with the consequences. The last song of the musical says, “Wishes come true, not free,” which I think perfectly encapsulates the show.

So! My actual review: I loved it. I cried, laughed, and everything in between while watching this star-studded cast belt out some of my favorite musical theater numbers in awesome costumes (designed by the legendary Colleen Atwood) while being directed by the best (in my opinion) musical-to-movie director, Rob Marshall. If you’re not a fan of the same-old girl waits for a prince trope, but still want to experience some of the “classics,” this movie is for you.

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