Handled By Officer by Kym Roberts

Handled By OfficerWomen Behind the Badge, 1Kym RobertsRomantic SuspenseJuly 18, 2014eBook278

Recruit officer Kiley Gibbons has walked in her twin sister’s shadow her entire life—born two minutes after, she’s five inches shorter with curls gone wild and the exact opposite of her outgoing, athletic sister. But that’s exactly why she’s the one woman who caught Walt Raynham’s eye, and she’s the only one who threatens his future in the tactical unit.

Officer Raynham is everything Kiley needs to distract her from the daily grind at the police academy, too bad his drop-dead gorgeous body is wearing the uniform of her boss. And when the academy is finally behind her, Kiley must find the strength to walk away from the man she shouldn’t touch.

But when her friend’s death leaves Kiley with two children to raise and a custody battle she just might lose, there’s only one man strong enough to step in and fill the role of her fiancé. Now Kiley’s not sure she wants to resist the temptation Walt causes, and he’s not so sure a family would be such a bad thing. Together, they discover love and an engagement of convenience could be an unstoppable force for happily-ever-after … until a killer has another idea that may cost them everything they didn’t want.

I loved this book so much! It was well-written and tightly plotted with good characters. Basically, it was everything I could ask for in a book, and I’m very happy that I agreed to review this book in advance (I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review).

If anything, my biggest complaint was that it was over so soon. I was sad by how quickly I finished it, but the action and romantic suspense didn’t let me take it slow—I HAD to know what was going to happen. Highly recommend this for fans who like action, cop shows, and romance.

Definitely can’t wait for the second book in this series.

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