Leaving On a Jetplane

This year has been absolutely crazy for me. Hours of testing and test preparation, homework, papers, PR work, spending time with family and friends, and my own novels, I haven’t really had time to relax and unwind.

School is out now, I’m done with all standardized testing (PSATs, APs, ACT, SATs, and SAT2s) and all other work besides my own creative pursuits (and college applications starting in August, but let’s not talk about that now).

Well, almost.

Today, I am boarding a plane for the 15-hour overnight flight to Johannesburg, and another hour flight from “Joberg” to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. What am I doing going to another continent, you may ask? My school is pairing up with Envoys and Artworks for Youth. Me and 12 other students, 2 teacher chaperons are going to volunteer to teach creative art classes. I’m teaching Creative Writing (surprise, surprise). The heads of both organizations are also going to help us learn about the culture: their customs, what it means to live in a post-apartheid setting, etc.

I will be gone from today until July 7. In the meantime, please explore my website and leave comments on any blog posts that interest you.

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