Advice for Writing a Series

Who doesn’t like reading series? You get to stay with your beloved characters for multiple books instead of just one. And series also usually mean film adaptations, allowing you to stay immersed in the fictional world for longer than usual.

Writing a series is arguably harder than writing a standalone novel because the author has to maintain continuity over a larger number of pages and come up with a compelling plot that can withstand the length of the series while also thinking of the individual plots for each book. A lot of things can go wrong if one isn’t careful in the planning stage.

Miss Literati, a writing website, offers great advice on this topic.

Go Teen Writers: How to Write a Sequel
Susan Dennard: Planning a Series

I’ve bookmarked all these pages and plan to visit them regularly as I write The Belgrave Legacy trilogy. And although I am planning to do a fairytale-retelling series (Fearful Fairytales), which is full of stand-alone books (not really addressed in these articles), and the Kingpin Killers series.

For which one of my series are you most excited for? Comment below and you could win an eBook copy of The Belgrave Daughter.

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