Mind Games by Kiersten White

In this gripping young adult novel, author Kiersten White creates another engaging world in which readers can immerse themselves. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of being supernatural? Being better than normal people? I know that I’d love the extra advantage, but this book and Kinetic by S.K. Anthony prove that being extraordinary has its price—and usually a very steep one. 

Sisters Sofia “Fia” and Annie are both supernaturally gifted. Kept at a special school, they are trained to hone their powers and run “missions” for the head of school and his son. When Fia almost dies, both sisters realize they must escape and protect each other against all odds.

Written in first person from both sister’s points of view. It’s a very hard literary technique to pull off, but Kiersten White does so with flair. The reader really sees what’s happening in these two girls’ minds (in accordance with the title).

At first, I was skeptical of the story. I was worried it would fall into clichés of missions gone wrong and sibling rivalry. White proved me wrong and turned both overused themes into fresh story elements that propelled the adrenaline-filled plot full speed ahead. There were times that I didn’t realize how emotionally invested I had become until I started crying.

I recommend this book to fans of spy, action, and family dramas— there’s enough of each to keep anyone excitedly turning pages all the way to the end.

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