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My CP Melissa Petreshock’s blog (“The Dragon Blog”) has posted my 6×3 (six questions, three answers per each) interview. You can read it there, or continue scrolling.

Her Introduction to Me: Today I’m thrilled to welcome my friend and beta reader, Zara Hoffman onto my blog for the 6×3. Zara’s a talented young author releasing her first YA book, The Belgrave Daughter, next month, a book I’m looking forward to telling you more about during her blog tour visit here November 27th, and a book you should definitely add to your TBR list on Goodreads!

My dragons adore her and are quite happy to roar out a generous welcome to this lovely young lady, so let’s get started and find out how 6×3=Zara Hoffman!

Aw, thanks, Melissa, for such a wonderful introduction! And now, I’ll repost the actual interview.

  1. The blurb summary for The Belgrave Daughter sounds interesting, yet at the same time, there’s been a host of angel/demon books coming out on the market recently. Tell us 3 elements to your book that make it stand out from the crowd, give it a unique twist readers will feel makes it compelling and well worth their time and money. Well, the magic in my story The Belgrave Daughter is very connected to one’s surroundings (both people and nature). Another thing that makes it unique is the struggle on both ends of the romance. Fawn isn’t the only person with issues to work out. Caleb has many—if not more—problems that are pushing and preventing him from being a great boyfriend to her. And lastly, there is a huge emphasis on friends and family. I can’t stand the stupid or negligent parenting that seems to be a trend in YA novels.
  2. You’re fortunate to live the exciting NYC life. What are 3 ways you’d say living there has affected your interest in writing and decision to pursue a career as an author? The convenience has fostered my love of reading (in addition to my Grandma’s influence). Many of the Big 5 publishers are in NYC. In the past, some of my writing camps have taken trips to some of them like Penguin (which was a lot of fun). There is always something new and interesting going on in NYC.
  3. Some people may not know when I say you’re a “talented young author” I seriously mean young, as in sixteen. Besides already having a book coming out next month, how would you say you stand out from your peers, the 3 things that make you a serious professional despite your age? Well, I’m sixteen and spent three years of researching the traditional path of publishing. I’ve decided to self-publish. In between homework and SAT studying, I’m spending my saved money to hire a cover artist, editor, and formatting in addition to writing the sequel of The Belgrave Daughter. So yeah, it’s busy, but at least I’m never bored!
  4. Now, getting down to the seriousness of being a teenager, what 3 books are you fangirling most over right now? Be sure to name the title and author so people can look for them! The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth. I did the same for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha Van Leer. Also, since I love Once Upon A Time and am planning a fairytale retelling series after I finish The Belgrave Legacy trilogy, it was also very entertaining. In the same genre, I also like Rumplestiltskin by Jenni James. I think I’ll go with an old favorite of mine: The Giver by Lois Lowry. I think that’s why I love Dystopian fiction, but honestly, this is my favorite novel in the genre.
  5. We met when you joined my beta reading team, and I’ve been thrilled to have such an excellent teen reader among my All-Stars. What have been your 3 favorite moments so far getting to be “behind the scenes” during the writing and publication process of Fire of Stars and Dragons as we build to its March release and the current writing of its sequel Blood of Stars and Gods? Getting to know you! Seriously. My favorite part of being a novel fangirl is seeing author interviews and hearing about the process that goes into writing these masterpieces, so getting to be a beta for you has been a great learning—and entertaining—experience. I never realized how invested in a character (besides my own) I could get, and I’m thankful you didn’t kick me out of the group when you learned that I was sixteen. Ageism sucks, for the young and old, so thanks for letting me tag along in Cait’s crazy adventure.
  6. Besides writing, what are 3 other “talents” you have, and feel free to be creatively off-beat with your answers. I can sing, dance, haphazardly play the piano.

Melissa’s Closing Note: So, there you go, Zara Hoffman wrapped up in a dragon’s egg with magic, the city that never sleeps, and the truth about how she annoys me. 😉 Thanks for taking part, Zara! The Dracopraesi and I were happy to host you on the blog and welcome you back any time!

MY Closing Note: Hope you had fun reading this interview as much as I did answering the questions! Feel free to comment below, follow me on my social networks (top right corner of the screen), and show some love to Melissa Petreshock by checking out her websitetwitter, and Facebook.

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