Beta by Rachel Cohn

I will admit, I read this book because of the pretty cover, but boy am I glad for it’s pretty pink cover. The story inside was as interesting as Elysia’s inner struggle to remain emotionless to survive when her First’s memories start surfacing.

Once I started reading, I could not put it down. You can just ask my mom. I read most of it while sitting on our kitchen floor so I could socialize and read simultaneously (a habit my mom tried and failed to put an end to). The world was interesting, the secondary characters were well-done (even if I really didn’t like some of them as people).

But for all the interesting and adrenaline-inducing action in the story, some parts did drag in my opinion, and some plot points did make me roll my eyes at points. The romance, while nice, did feel like it was thrown in to ride the YA dystopian romance wave at times. Luckily, the main plot was interesting enough that nothing was going to stop me from reaching the end.

All in all, an interesting story that I can whole-heartedly recommend, but it won’t be displacing any of my favorite books anytime soon.

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