Tears of an Angel

So yesterday had to be one of the strangest days of my life. I wasn’t working on 7th Heaven, didn’t feel motivated to write another one of my WIPs, and had no school to distract me and keep me busy.

Today, I decided that wouldn’t happen again. Later I’m going on a trip to visit family and I’ll have a long train ride ahead, but I’m unplugging myself once I leave home after spending hours-on-hours, for days, when I was finishing 7th Heaven. Right now I am drafting the first chapter of Tears of an Angel on my computer, but I’ll be switching over to a notebook for the rest of the week to give my eyes a rest before I take a computer science course starting July 1st.

Anyway, for those who have finished a big project (novel, large paper, painting, sculpture, or something from another art form), how did you feel afterwards? Elated? Empty? A combination of both? (I was a combination, for sure). Sound off in the comments.

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