Freak of Nature by Julia Crane

The first in Julia Crane’s IFICS series (it’s SciFi spelled backwards, how cool is that?) and a romantic science fiction novel that borders between Young Adult and New Adult, Freak of Nature is one of a kind.

Kaitlyn can’t remember life before the compound. She’s been turned into a cyborg and is being trained as a weapon, but when her past begins to resurface, she knows she must escape or risk becoming a true robot.

Freak of Nature has adventure, romance, and even a little mystery, making it a fast-paced and enjoyable read. The author does a wonderful job of creating the cold and clinical environment of the compound in the beginning, immersing readers into her story, and she seamlessly shifts the focus to the emotional heart of the story. Julia Crane creates a suspenseful and captivating story that perfectly embodies the anxiety and self-identity issues that teens and new adults frequently battle.

*Warning: Julia Crane personally told me that she thinks it’s more fitting for 17+ (strictly NA) due to some violent and sexual content. Whoops. Guess I read above my age again. Anyway, Freak of Nature is for fans of romance, action, and soft-SciFi and Ms. Crane does not disappoint to deliver on all fronts.

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